Christmas story

Watch today's episode of the Advent Adventure story and why not read along too...

Watch today's episode of the Advent Adventure story and why not read along too...

Christmas story

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Day 8

Christmas story

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As the friends sat around the table, a moment of silence was broken when, out of nowhere, Mike did a massive sneeze! ‘Achoo!’ he exclaimed!

‘Bless you, Mike,’ said Foxtrot. ‘I hope you’re not getting ill!’

‘I don’t think so, might have been the flowers on the table. Don’t you guys just love doing flights to reach people who need the help of a doctor?’ Mike replied.

‘Absolutely!’ Alpha said. ‘After all, the Bible tells us that Jesus often went to those who are sick and helped and healed them – we should do this too so we can be more like Him!’

‘One of the places I have been flying doctors most often this year is Tanzania, Africa, on what is known as a medical safari,’ said Alpha.

‘Safari? Like those trips looking for animals?’ said Foxtrot, puzzled.

‘Not like that at all,’ Alpha said laughing. ‘It’s where MAF flies a team of doctors and nurses from Haydom Hospital to different villages once a month, so that people who live really far away from medical help can be treated.

‘The team I flew saw 70 pregnant women to check up on their health, and they gave vaccinations to the babies and children, to stop them catching any nasty illnesses as they grow up. On some trips to other villages, over 500 people turn up – many of whom have walked for a few hours to get there.’

‘That sounds amazing, and I know lots and lots of people will feel better after seeing the flying doctors,’ replied Foxtrot.

The three friends smiled at each other, just as their main Christmas dinner arrived, with all the trimmings – yummy!