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What did we put in our plane today?

Building supplies


Mark and Kelly Hewes

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Day 1

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Day 1

In the attic, Mike found a diary and old map
With the story of how MAF began.
Mike decided, for his Christmas mission,
He had an exciting plan!

Each page was filled with pictures and tales,
One for each country in which MAF flies.
From the first of these nations until the last
He’d provide much-needed supplies.

Now, jump inside Mike’s MAF plane,
There’s so much to learn and see;
Though Christmas is fast approaching,
There’s still space for you and me!

Diary checked and journey logged,
Mike folded the old map away.
As his plane took flight, soaring high,
He wondered who he’d meet today!

Mike’s little plane touched safely down
In the jungles of Ecuador.
He stepped out of the cabin and looked around
It’s a great place to explore!

Up to the aircraft came a smiling man,
Jaime Saint was his name.
Many years before, his grandfather Nate,
Had visited this place in his plane.

Some violent men from the jungle
Had killed Nate and all his friends.
But their story’s inspired many folk since,
Because the warriors made amends.

‘There are snakes in this jungle,’ said Jaime,
‘They’ll harm you if they bite.
Is there anti-venom in your plane,
So our nurse can make things right?’

Mike had just the thing in his plane,
So Jaime smiled at the sight;
Happy the villagers would be okay
Whenever they got a snakebite.

Mike climbed back into the pilot’s seat
And began his important checks.
He turned to the next page of the diary
To see where he’d be flying to next.

Day 2

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Day 2

Diary checked and journey logged,
Mike folded the old map away.
As his plane took flight, soaring high,
He wondered who he’d meet today!

Mike touched down at the next place on his map:
South Sudan – a dry, dusty place.
A family of six was waiting for him,
Each had a big smile on their face.

‘We’re here to help the Laarim people,
But we can’t buy fresh food, you see.
We must get our fruit and veg flown in,
If we want to have them for tea!’

‘No problem!’ said Mike, as he opened the hold,
‘You can have the fruit, cabbage and beans.’
‘Thank you, Mike!’ the mother said,
‘We’ll stay healthy by eating our greens!’

Mike climbed back into the pilot’s seat
And began his important checks.
He turned to the next page of the diary
To see where he’d be flying to next.

MAF began serving in Madagascar in


Did you know?

MAF wanted fly in Madagascar in 1975, but it took so long for the Government to give MAF permission that the base didn't open until 1988, after many application forms!

Look around

You’ve probably heard of Madagascar because of the film! It’s the fourth largest island in the world, with lots of animals as well as plenty of people who need MAF.

Here in Canada, we think that Madagascar is a paradise with sunny beaches, but most local people don’t have enough to eat. They are afraid of heavy storms called cyclones which flatten houses and trees. It’s normal for poor families to force their daughters to get married very young so their parents can receive a cow or money in return. MAF is helping by flying doctors, church pastors and charity workers to provide people with food, education and clean water. Above all, MAF wants to share God’s love with those who are hungry and afraid.

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A little more about Madagascar...


The country of Madagascar lies off the east coast of Africa and is the largest island nation in the world.

View map


2:34pm, 2nd March 2021

UTC +3

Fascinating Fact

Because of the large number of animals and plants found in Madagascar, the country is considered to be ‘megadiverse’. The strange and unusual animals living there include the giraffe-necked weevil, whose long neck helps it roll leaves into tubes for its eggs; the aye-aye lemur, whose long fingers help it find grubs hiding inside trees and the Malagasy giant rat, which can leap three feet into the air!


Current Weather: 25°C, Clouds

December, the hottest time of the year, sees the start of the wet season – with temperatures averaging 28°C across the country. In the rainforests in the north and east, tropical storms bring heavy rainfalls.

Mud, mud, glorious mud!

Mark and Kelly Hewes make films and take photos, so you can see the work of MAF for yourself. They often fly to these locations, but last year they decided to walk the nearly 100-mile route from the village of Mananara, Madagascar to the Good News Hospital in Mandritsara to show the difficulties of road travel.

They set off on day one, driving until the road stopped and became a walking path. ‘Everyone told us the roads in Madagascar are bad. That didn’t fully sink in until we started down this one!’ explain MAF Field Resource Co-ordinators Mark and Kelly Hewes.

Two Malagasy guides, Gaston and Akim, showed them the way. After walking for more than six miles, the team rested in the home of Akim’s relative, and had a meal of cassava root, rice and shrimp.

At 5.30 the next morning, Mark and Kelly began their trek along a well-worn path through the rainforest. ‘One thing that makes transportation difficult is the hills and dense rainforest. From the MAF plane, this landscape looks beautiful. But when you’re on the ground, there is nothing pretty about the endless ups and downs.’

Day three, and the Hewes’ set off again. The path was very muddy and wet after rainfall during the night, making it hard to walk. ‘For someone who was sick or frail, this slippery, mucky trail would be even harder!’

The last day saw the couple reach a town with a road again. They got on a ‘bush taxi’ truck along with many others – which was a bit of a squash! After five hours, the truck finally reached the hospital.

This would be an even tougher and more perilous journey if you were unwell. Fortunately, MAF planes reduce the journey to hours rather than days and ensure a much safer and more comfortable ride.

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Things are described as Malagasy if they come from Madagascar

Cassava root

Cassava root is a edible root, full of nutritious starch, commonly eaten in tropical areas


Fail means weak and very poorly


Matthew 2:1

After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the time of King Herod, Magi from the east came to Jerusalem.


Dear God, today we thank You for MAF planes. Many people around the world must travel for days and days when they are ill, just to reach a hospital. Thank You for the MAF flights that can save people’s lives by making travel quicker and safer. Amen.

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