Christmas story

Watch today's episode of the Advent Adventure story and why not read along too...

Watch today's episode of the Advent Adventure story and why not read along too...

Christmas story

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Day 17

Christmas story

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As Mike, Alpha and Foxtrot chatted, the waiter came over with their puddings.

‘Hello, I have an ice cream sundae, a piece of chocolate Yule Log, and a slice of strawberry cheesecake,’ he said, placing them on the table.

‘Thanks,’ echoed the trio, as they tucked in.

‘We have to make sure we brush our teeth well after all these tasty desserts!’ said Mike. ‘Taking care of our teeth is really important, we are so fortunate that where we live there is a dentist we can get to easily.’

‘For people living in remote places, getting care for their teeth it can be really difficult. In Brazil, I often fly dentists along the Purus River. They can run dental clinics for the people there. Our planes there have floats on them so they can land right on the water, alongside the riverbanks where many people live.’ explained Alpha. ‘Flying saves time so the dentists can help more people.’

‘I expect it’s safer too,’ said Foxtrot, ‘avoiding any rapids or river snakes.’

‘Uurgh! Snakes!’ said Mike with a shiver. ‘I don’t like snakes; they give me the creeps.’

‘Lots of people aren’t keen on the dentist either,’ continued Alpha, ‘but one dentist I flew – called Sandra – used fun puppets and a giant mouth and toothbrush model to show people how to care for their teeth better to avoid having problems in the future, and keep on smiling!’

‘The Bible says smiling is great,’ said Foxtrot. ‘Like this verse from Proverbs 15, “A happy heart makes the face cheerful.”’

‘I have a brilliant joke about dentists that is sure to make your face cheerful!’ chipped in Mike. ‘What’s a dentist’s favourite time of day? Tooth-hurty!’

‘That’s brilliant!’ said Foxtrot, as Alpha nearly fell off her chair laughing.