Christmas story

Watch today's episode of the Advent Adventure story and why not read along too...

Watch today's episode of the Advent Adventure story and why not read along too...

Christmas story

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Day 12

Christmas story

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Next to share their most interesting cargo of the year was Alpha the Giraffe.

‘Did you know, it’s not just boxes of cargo that our planes can carry, but live animals as well! In fact, one of my favourite flights of the year was when I carried Kahn, a very special dog!’

‘What was special about him?’ said Mike, shovelling food into his mouth.

‘He’s a Dutch Shepherd dog who uses his incredible sense of smell to help track down poachers who are trying to illegally kill elephants in the Niassa Reserve in Mozambique.’

‘I love elephants, but why would anyone want to kill them?’ asked Foxtrot with a sad look on his face.

Alpha had just taken another bite of food, so Mike explained, ‘For their tusks, which are very valuable in the illegal trade.’

‘That’s right,’ agreed Alpha. ‘Dogs like Kahn and his human helper Wim are so important in trying to stop the poachers.’

‘The world has so many amazing creatures,’ said Foxtrot. ‘One of my favourite Bible verses reminds me that we should look after them, Psalm 104:24: “O Lord, how many are Your works! In wisdom You have made them all; The earth is full of Your possessions.”’

‘Yes, it’s good to look after each other.’ said Mike, ‘I guess that’s one of the reasons we fly low over the airstrips before we land, to warn any animals or people that our plane is almost there, so they keep safely out of the way.’

‘I think I’ll get this roast potato safely out of the way – in my tummy!’ laughed Alpha as she popped it into her mouth. The three friends chuckled as they continued their Christmas dinner.